Dj Senna ( Reginaldo) CANAL DJ POWER FEST ( 22 08 2020 )

DJ Marcelo Paguá / Revival Canal DJ


Seja Sócio Casa House

Vinheta - Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

Consultora Natura Lidiane Vilela

Love Collection - FlashBack Ao Vivo

01 Kiss and Say Good Bye
02 Me and Mrs. Jones
03 Oh Girl
04 When a Man Loves a Woman
05 You Make Me Feel Brand New
06 Reunited
07 If You Don t No Me by Now
08 Yes, Im Ready
09 You Are Everything
10 Let s Stay Together
11 Shyning Star
12 Have you seen Her
13 Side Show
14 Just Don t Want to Be Lonely
15 Betha by Golly Wow
16 When Will I See You Again
17 Everlast Love
18 Try a Little Tenderness

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Seja Sócio Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

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