Dj Senna ( Reginaldo) CANAL DJ POWER FEST ( 22 08 2020 )

DJ Marcelo Paguá / Revival Canal DJ


Seja Sócio Casa House

Vinheta - Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

Consultora Natura Lidiane Vilela

X-Static Volume 5

Cappella          Everybody (Technohouse Remix) 5:48
Elevation 4th Walking (Club Mix) 6:08
Katherine E I'm Allright (Extended Mix) 5:45
Lisa B.          Love Is (Extended Mix) 5:42
Mimmo Mix My Way (Extended Mix) 5:27
Neon Light Keep On Dancing (Pumping Mix) 6:30
P.W.M.         Get Yourself Together (The Mix) 5:02
Mod 222         Check Your Woppa (The Real Mix)5:20
With It Guys Feel Alright (Future Mix) 5:25
Sharada          It's Gonna Be Alright (Club Mix) 5:40
Collapse           My Love (Atmosphera) 6:20
J. Cap         Tell Me Why (Club Mix) 5:40
Cappella          Be Master In One's Own House (Remix) 5:48

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Seja Sócio Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

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