Dj Senna ( Reginaldo) CANAL DJ POWER FEST ( 22 08 2020 )

DJ Marcelo Paguá / Revival Canal DJ


Seja Sócio Casa House

Vinheta - Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

Consultora Natura Lidiane Vilela

Odyssey - Greatest Hits (1989)

01. Going Back To My Roots
02. Inside Out
03. Magic Touch
04. Oh No Not My Baby
05. Weekend Lover
06. Don't Tell Me, Tell Her
07. Native New Yorker
08. Use It Up And Wear It Out
09. Hang Together
10. It Will Be Alright
11. Follow Me (Play Follow The Leader)
12. Easy Come, Easy Go
13. When You Love Somebody
14. If You Are Lookin' For A Way Out
15. Native New Yorker (Brooklyn Club Mix)

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Seja Sócio Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

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