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Hot Dance D.J. (Promo Nº02)

A1 - Chaka Khan - It's My Party
A2 - Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
A3 - Starpoint - Say You Will
B1 - Shirley Murdock - Oh What A Feeling
B2 - Ready For The World - My Girl
B3 -L'Trimm - Cars With The Boom
B4 - Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend
B5 - Biz Markie -Biz Markie - Make The Music With Your Mounth Biz

Hot Dance D.J. (Promo Nº01)

A1 - Siedah Garrett - K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
A2 - Blue Mercedes - See Want Must Have
A3 - Noel - Silent Morning
B1 - Eric B. & Rakim - As The Rhymt Goes On
B2 - Biz Markie - Vapors
B3 - Rick James Featuring Roxanne Shanté - Loosey's Rap
B4 - Club Nouveau - It's A Cold, Cold World!

House Remix Internacional II

1 - Oh L'Amour (Erasure)
2 - Love's About To Change My Heart (Donna Summer Extended Version)
3 - Bring Me Edelweiss (Edelweiss Tourist Version)
4 - Tell Me Why (Nick Heyward Extended Version)
5 - I Feel For You (Chaka Khan L.A. Mix)
6 - Sounds Fron The Pink Sandbox - Bathouse (Emilio Pasques House Version)

House Remix Internacional

Lado A
1.Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon (Club Mix) (6:42)
2.Noel - Like A Child (1018 Club Mix) (7:19)
3.Pajama Party - Yo No Se (12'' Club Version)

Lado B
1.Erasure - A Little Respect (12'' Vocal) (6:25)
2.Depeche Mode - Strange Love (Remix) (6:29)
3.Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (6:44)

Dance Now 2

A1 - House Of Gypsies - Samba (RMX)
A2 - Techno Flight - Fuck You
A3 - West End Featuring Sybil - The Love I Lost
B1 - Double You - Megamix
B2 - Ottorongo - Fuck You

Dance Now 1

A1 - Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman
A2 - Cover Girls - I'm Wishing On A Star
A3 - Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La La Song)
B1 - JK - You Make Me Feel Good
B2 -Deep Beat Club - Give It To Me]
B3 - Open Billet - I Want Your Love

Rick Astley - Extended Mix

Rick Astley -  Whenever you need somebody  - Extended Mix
Rick Astley - My Arms Keep Missing You - Extended mi
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up -  Extended Mix
Rick Astley - She Wants To Dance With Me -  Extended Mix
Rick Astley - Together Forever -  Extended Mix

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Robin S - Show Me (extended)

A1 - Robin S - Show Me Love (Extended Mix)
B2 -  Robin S - Show Me Love - 12 Remix

Robin S - 1993

01 - Show Me Love
02 - Love For Love
03 - I'm Gonna Love You Right (Tonight)
04 - If We Could Just Be Friends
05 - What I Do Best
06 - My Kind Of Man
07 - I Want To Thank You
08 - Once In A Lifetime Love
09 - Back It Up
10 - Back And Forth
11 - Brighter Day
12 - Who's Gonna Raise The Child
13 - When You Find Love
14 - Show Me Love (Extended Mix)
15. Show Me Love (Jazz Mix)[MusicBrainz (recording)]
16. Luv 4 Luv (Special Radio Edit)

Busta Rhymes And Mariah Carey Feat. The Flipmode Squad - I Know What You Want

A1 - I Know What You Want (Radio Version)
A2 - I Know What You Want (Instrumental)
B1 - Call The Ambulance (Remix)

Vicious - Destination Brooklyn (1994)

01. Freak (Dougie Fresh & Vicious)
02. Him Never Do It
03. Life Of A Shortie (Featuring Shyheim)
04. Nika
05. The Glock
06. Greetings
07. Ghetto People
08. The Lesson (featuring Beenie Man)
09. Salute To The Donettes
10. Good As
11. Nika (Radio Remix)

Horace Andy - Get Down

A1 - Horace Andy - Get Down
B1 - The Rhythm Posse - Get Down Deeper)

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Mixes)

A1 - Plastic Dreams (Long Version - Original)
A2 - Plastic Dreams (Tribal Mix)
B1 - Plastic Dreams (Trance Mix)
B2 - Plastic Dreams (Groove Mix)

Golden Girls - Kinetic

A1 -  Kinetic (Frank De Wulf 12 Remix)
B1 - Kinetic (Orbital Mix)

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House Company I

A1 - FPI Project  Rich In Paradise
A2 - Fax Yourself - Another House Story
A3 - Frankie Bones  Lenny Dee - Just As Long As I Got You (Original Mix) - 1989
B1 - The Maxx - Techno Time
B2 - Whip Of The Rhythm - Chicco Secci Project
B3 - Get Busy - Mr Lee

House Company II

A1 Tony Carrasco – Let's Get It Together 3:27
A2 Alphatek  – It's Time To Pump 5:21
A3 Ecstasy  – This Is My House 5:02
B1 In-Dex – Now You're Gone 6:33
B2 Plastic  – Yo-Yo 4:48
B3 Tony Carrasco – N.R.G. 3:33

House Company III

A1 - The Maxx - The Party Is Over
A2 - Francesco Boscolo - I Need Your Love
A3 - 2 in a Room - Take me Away
B1 - Club House - Im a Man Yeke Yeke
B2 - Panthera - The Music Takes U Away Full Mix
B3 - MC Cool D - Gangsterrockk

House Company IV

A1 - 49ERS -  Die Walküre
A2 - Guaranteed Raw  - Ill Make Your Body Sweat
A3 - The Deff Boyz ft Tony Mac -  Swing - with lyrics
B1 - Found Love - Double Dee feat. Dany
B2 - Shocking Blue - Venus - B.H.F. Remix
B3 - Grand Piano - The Mix Master

The Best Deep Dance

A1 - D.J. Molella - Confusion (Eternal Mix) Vinil House
A2 - House Traffic Feat  Ars Nova - I Got You Run (House Mix) Vinil House
A3 - Bis Cream - People Have The Power Remix (Club Remix) Vinil House
B1 - Copernico - Im Your Memory (RockyMovie) DistortionMix - Vinil House
B2 - D.R.A.M.A. - Wont You Find a Way (Club Mix) Vinil House
B3 - Doble Face - Eden (Crazy Organ Version) Vinil House

Spectron - A Pista Quente

A1 - Quasimodo - I Need Loving You (Key Total Trance Mix)
A2 - P.V.V. - Mortimer (Dead Mix)
A3 - Lee Marrow Feat. Charme - Try Me Out (Extended Mix
B1 - D.J. Andrew - This Is A Miracle (Techno Version)
B2 - Contact One - Play My Games (Vocal Mix)
B3 - KC Spiri -  Everybody Move (Extended Mix)

Night Fever

A1 - 2 Troubles - Come Out (Checco Boom Boom Mix
A2 - K & K - Batucada Gun
A3 - The Boys  - Numb (Original Mix)
B1.1.2.3 - Gloria Gaynor - Megamedley (Club Mix)
B2 - Ester B - The Pleasure Of The Music

107 Fm Techno Remix 2

A1-R.A.F. - We've Got To Live Together (Club Mix)
A2-Cappella With Loleatta Holloway  – Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
A3-Mig 33 - Mig 33 (Intensive Mix)
B1-D.J. Pierre - Everyday (Extended Mix)
B2-Anticappella - Everyday (Extended Mix)
B3-Magic Marmalade - Do it now (Extended mix)

House Sound - vol 2

A1-Open Billet - I Want Your Love
A2-Sissy Penis Factory - Everybody Fuck Now (Ultimix)
A3-T.H.C. - Welcome To The Real World (Picchia Mix)
B1-Open Billet - I Want Your Love (Original Mix)
B2-44 Megabyte - Hyper (Extended Mix)
B3-S.I.P. - Free Message

House Sound - Vol 1

A1 - Raf - Energetic Mix
A2 - Cappella - Get Out Of My Case (Club Mix).
A3 -  T-RAM - Jump To It
B1 - Maurizio Pavesi - Love System
B2 - G.J. Singulair - Galaxy (Extended Version)
B3 - Deborah - Just Touch

Media 2 House

A1 - Collapse - My Love (Club Remix)
A2 - The Soul Power (Feat.Jay Glow) - Soul Power (Vinil House)
A3 - P.W.M. - Get Yourself Together (The Mix)
B1 - Fighter Mc (1991) - World Mother Fucker (Vinil House)
B2 - Mc Fixx It - Rock The Discotex Mix
B3 - Vinegar - Get Busy (Extended Version)

Media 1 House

A1-Francesco Zappala Feat. S 1000 HD - I Need You (Hippy Sound) [Beat Box International]
A2-Robin Stone Show Me Love
B1-Sharada House Gang - House Legend (Death Less Mix
B2-DJ Fopp - What You're Gonna Do
B3-The Fenomenals - Makossa (Marilyn Monroe Mix)

Hot Dance 105 Fm

A1-S Express  - Nothing To Lose
A2-Tka - Crash (Have Some Fun)
A3-2 Ruff - Timecode Jungle (Jungle Juice Mix)
A4-Deejays United - Dance Computer Three
B1-Black Male -Git on The Floor
B2-Matt's Fantasy Club - Big T
B3-Jade 4 U   It's Not Over 12''

Acid House Vol 2

01 Pat & Mick - Use It Up And Wear It Out
02 Coldcut Feat. Lisa Stanfield - People Hold On
03 Lil'Louis - French Kiss
04 Mr. Lee - Get Busy
05 Paris By Air - Voices In Your Head
06 Soul To Soul Feat. Caron Wheeler - Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)
07 Adeventures Of Stevie V - Dirty Cash (Money Talks)
08 49ers - Don't You Love Me
09 Inner City - Big Fun
10 808 State - Pacific 202
11 Adeva - Respect
12 Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance

Acid House Vol 1

01. Yazz - The Only Way Is Up
02. S'Express - Theme From S'Express
03. Front 242 - Headhunter
04. Rick Astley - She Wants To Dance With Me
05. Will To Power - Say It's Gonna Rain
06. Milli Vanilli - Baby, Don't Forget My Number
07. Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis
08. Coldcut - Stop This Crazy Thing
09. Mel & Kim - Respectable
10. Jack The Tab - Meet Every Situation Head On M-E-S-H

Magic House Vol 2

A1 - F.R. Boyz Choir --  Stop  Go (Hip House Mix)
A2 - Kamil Nice - Ice Ice Baby
A3 - Ice Mc -  Cinema (The Oscar Mix)
B1 - David Twins - Falling (A DJ Herbie Re-Re-Remix
B2 - Maxi Shannon - No Good Boy (Funky Version)
B3 - Sound Machine - I Cant Stand It (Extended Mix

Magic House Vol 1

A1 - Out Of Mind Ft. Baby Pat - Its Not Over (Def Mix
A2 - 2 Static - Feel that beat (Extended Mix )
A3 - Pierre Feroldi Feat Linda Ray - The Beat (Part 1) 1990
B1 - ETNO - You Got To Fly Extended Mix
B2 - 2 In A Room - Wiggle It [1990]
B3 - 4 For Money - Its A Moment In Time (Club Version

Italo House Vol. 1

A1 DJ Pierre - Everyday
A2 D.J.K. & Robert Cheval - Let Me Groove Move
A3 Woody Band - Peecher Rap
A4 Deadly Sins - Together
B1 Carol - Fever
B2 A.r.t - Everybody Need Somebody
B3 Colours (3) - Baby-Baby
B4 Brenda - Anymore

Italo House Vol. 2

A1 - DJ Creator - I'm The Creator (Intesive Mix)
A2 - S.S.R. Feat. Rhonda Dorsey - My Heart (Garage Sound)
A3 - David R. Jones - More Than A Dream (Extended Mix
B1 - Psycho Vanguard - Freddie Is Alive (Psycho Mix
B2 - Fargetta - The Music Is Movin' (Original Mix)
B3 - Shirley - Give Up No More

Italo House Vol. 3

01 - The Hard Concert - Rhythm Is Hard (Melodion Canyero)
02 - DJ Cartoons  -  Popeye (sailor man mix)
03 - RFTR   Dance (transparent mix) (1993)
04 - Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down
05 - Neon Light featuring Ras Kwame - Dance To The Trance

Bizarre Inc Featuring Angie Brown - Took My Love

A1 - Took My Love (Original Flavour Mix)
A2 - Took My Love (MK H. Remix)
B1 - Took My Love (Room 101 Mix)
B2 - Took My Love (Knew Family Club Mix)

Was (Not Was) - Shake Your Head

A1 -  Shake Your Head
A2 - (W)DaveeS - Was (Not Was) Feat.Kim Bassinger & Ozzy Osbourne - Shake Your Head
B1 - Spy In The House Of Love
B2 - I Blew Up The United States
B3 - Robot Girl

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Descrição da música House

No início dos anos 1980, em Chicago, os visitantes do clube chamavam de House a mistura de música tocada por Frankie Knuckles na discoteca "Warehouse". A house music, como gênero de dance music eletrônica, teve origem em Chicago em meados dos anos 1980. Em meados da década de 1980, a música house tornou-se popular na Europa e, em seguida, em outras grandes cidades da América do Norte, América do Sul e Austrália. [17] O sucesso comercial da música house na Europa viu canções como "Pump Up The Volume" de MARRS (1987), "House Nation" de House Master Boyz e o Rude Boy of House (1987), "Theme from S'Express" de S 'Express (1988) e "Doctorin' the House" de Coldcut (1988) nas paradas pop. Desde o início da década de 1990, a house music foi infundida no pop e dance music mainstream em todo o mundo.

Sendo um estilo de música bem estabelecido, o house agora tem muitos subgêneros, que muitas vezes têm suas próprias tags Discogs. A migração para essas entradas pode fornecer uma compreensão mais profunda dos releases que você está editando e evitar o superpopulação de House como uma tag por conta própria.

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