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Alphaville - so8os Presents Alphaville

01. Big In Japan (Extended Remix)
02. Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)
03. Forever Young (Special Dance Mix)
04. The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)
05. Dance With Me (Empire Remix)
06. Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix)
07. Jerusalem (The Palace Version)
08. Sensations (Club-Mix)
09. Red Rose (12 Remix)
10. Romeos (Extended Mix)
11. Summer Rain (Extended Version)
12. The Mysteries Of Love
13. Seeds
14. The Nelson Highrise (Sector One The Elevator)
15. Welcome To The Sun
16. Golden Feeling
17. The Nelson Highrise Sector 2 The Mirror Incl. The Other Side Of U  Airlines  T.O.S.O.U. (Reprise)
18. Next Generation
19. Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers
20. Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films I
21. Headlines
22. Sister Sun
23. Summer In Berlin
24. Like Thunder
25. Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental)
26. The Jet Set (- Dub Mix)
27. Romeos (Tribal Mix)
28. Big In Japan (Extended Remix '88)
29. Big In Japan (Torsten Fenslau Remix)

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