Nova FM 89,7 - Lunch Break 6 ( Tributo by DJ Marcelo Paguá)



Dance, Dance, Dance 3 (1991)

The Farm - All Together Now
BG The Prince of Rap - Give me the Music (The Swemix Killer Clubmix
Hunter Hays - It's Not Over (Universal Mix)
Deborah Blando - Boy [Why You Wanna Make Me Blue] (Lovely Club Mix)
Clivelles & Cole - Pride [In the Name of Love] (The Hot Hot Radio Mix
Cut 'N' Move - Spread Love (Boilerhouse Club Mix)
Paris Red - Good Friend (Comercial Club Mix)
The Pasadenas - I'm Doing Fine Now (Silky Soul Mix)
T99 - Nocturne (3 O'Clock Mix)

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