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Dancemania Vol. 8

1–Plus Staples Gimme More Time (Ext. Mix)
2–Classy - Co Tocata E Fuga (Club Mix)
3–Cappella Move On Baby (Plus Staples Mix)
4–KC Element Won't You Come With Me (Ext. Mix)
5–Arts & Crafts (2) Wake Up (S-Tone Club Mix)
6–C.D. Family Shadows (Sl Version)
7–Tibet (4) Ohmm (Bonzo Mix)
8–Eurovision Definition Of Love (Original Vesion)
9–Vi-King Do The Dance (Run Away Version)
10-Club House Featuring Carl Light My Fire (XXDub Version)
11–Sampling Girls Open Your Heart (Ext. Mix)
12–KC Spirit Sex Appeal (Sex Mix)
13–Night Department Featuring Emanuel Get Out Of My Life (Night Dream Mix)

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