Nova FM 89,7 - Lunch Break 5 ( Tributo by DJ Marcelo Paguá)




1. Free
2. Take Me Away
3. I Wanna Dance
4. Feel Your Body Movin' (Euro Remix)
5. Funk Time
6. So Good
7. Dum Da Dum
8. Wondering
9. Come Together
10. We're Down With The Dragons
11. Feel Your Body Movin' (Original)
12. I Wanna Dance (Tom Droid vs Statikk)
13. Dum Da Dum (FM802 Original Radio Mix)

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Raul Seixas [20 Grandes Sucessos de Raul Seixas]

01 - Eu Nasci Há 10 Mil Anos Atrás
02 - Morning Train (Trem das 7)
03 - Gita
04 - Sociedade Alternativa
05 - Metamorfose Ambulante
06 - A Maçã
07 - Al Capone
08 - Metrô Linha 743
09 - Medo da Chuva
10 - Blue Mon of Kentucky
11 - Let Me Sing, Let Me Sing
12 - Eu Também Vou Reclamar
13 - Ouro de Tolo 2
14 - As Minas do Rei Salomão
15 - Mosca Na Sopa
16 - Tu És O MDC da Minha Vida
17 - Como Vovó Já Dizia
18 - Não Pare Na Pista
19 - How Could I Know
20 - Tente Outra Vez

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London Towne House (1988)

Penthouse 4 - Bust This House Down (John Shaft's Mix
House Engineers - Hit The House (Royal Beatbox Mix)
Carol Cayne - What My Love Can Bring (Fon Force Mix)
Brass Construction - Movin' (1988 Extended Mix)
Kym Mazelle - Useless
Chris Paul - Back In My Arms Again (House Mix)
Lizzie Tea - Life Won't Be The Same (Lizard Meets Kevorkian)
House Engineers - Ghost House (The Haunted House Mix)

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Dancemania - Vol.11

1–Digital Sappers Take Control (One More Mix)
2–Andrew Sixty Oh! Carol RMX (Batucada Vers)
3–Deadly Sins Everybody Dancing (Euro Mix)
4–S Night Saturday Night (Radio Vers)
5–Tina Washington Baby, I Love Your Way (Extd. Mix)
6–Jenny Power Without You (Extd. Mix)
7–KC Element Freedom (Free Mix)
8–Side & Side  Rock Forever (Guitar Mix)
9–Snoopy DJ   The Rhythm (Extd. Mix)
10–Andrew Sixty Jailhouse Rock (Radio Vers)
11–MC Magic Max I Don't Want Your Love (Extd. Mix)
12–DJ Professor Featuring Sharada House Gang Life Is Life (Turbo B Mix)
13–M. Pavesi Love System (Club Mix)

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Dancemania Vol. 10

1–Cosmic Galaxy Dream Girl (Galaxy Mix)
2–Toys For Boys You've Got The Power (Club Version)
3–Open Billet I Need Love (Club Mix)
4–Dis-Cover Never Let It Go (Exexperience Mix)
5–Jet Devil Something About You (Dance Version)
6–DJ Zanza I Got Sensation (Club Mix)
7–Aladino Call My Name (Extended Mix)
8–Cappella U & Me (Plus Staples Extended)
9–Dirty Mind Transiberiana (Extended Mix)
10–Byablue Feeling (Extended Version)
11–ICE MC Cinema (The Oscar Mix)
12–Jinny I Need Your Love (Club Version)

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Dancemania Vol. 9

1–Space Master Step On (Revenge Mix)
2–Legend (10) Hold My Body (Extended Version)
3–Cappella U & Me (X-Ray Cut)
4–Diva Introducing The Angels Fly Again Freaky Sound (Remember One Night At BAIA 1978)
5–Metamorphosis* Feat. S. Di Carlo* Metamorphosis (Phantastica)
6–Sanza Tequila (Club Mix)
7–H.S.L. (High State Logic)Crime Of Passion (Passion Mix)
8–Dimples D Sucker DJ (A Witch For Love) (Radio Edit)
9–Blow-Out People Get Up (Get Up Mix)
10–Incubo Shoot Down The Moon (Progressive Version)
11–Shannon (8) Into My Life (Extended Remix Version)
12–Mauro M.B.S. Feat. The Weekenders Make It Up Your Mind (Friday Night Mix)
13–Plastic Project 7 A.M. (First Step)

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Dancemania Vol. 8

1–Plus Staples Gimme More Time (Ext. Mix)
2–Classy - Co Tocata E Fuga (Club Mix)
3–Cappella Move On Baby (Plus Staples Mix)
4–KC Element Won't You Come With Me (Ext. Mix)
5–Arts & Crafts (2) Wake Up (S-Tone Club Mix)
6–C.D. Family Shadows (Sl Version)
7–Tibet (4) Ohmm (Bonzo Mix)
8–Eurovision Definition Of Love (Original Vesion)
9–Vi-King Do The Dance (Run Away Version)
10-Club House Featuring Carl Light My Fire (XXDub Version)
11–Sampling Girls Open Your Heart (Ext. Mix)
12–KC Spirit Sex Appeal (Sex Mix)
13–Night Department Featuring Emanuel Get Out Of My Life (Night Dream Mix)

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The Dance Kings ‎– Climb The Walls

A1 Climb The Walls (Extended Climb Mix)
B1 Climb The Walls (Climb The House Walls Mix)
B2 Climb The Walls (Acapella)

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Star Funk Blue II

A1 - J.C. Lodge - Telephone Love
A2 - MC Downbeat - Get To The Beat
A3 - MC Trouble - Highroller's Girl (Instrumental)
B1 - JC Lodge - Telephone Love (Instrumental)
B2 - Young MC - Principal's Office (Instrumental)
B3 - EPMD - Get Off The Bandwagon (Instrumental

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