Dj Senna ( Reginaldo) CANAL DJ POWER FEST ( 22 08 2020 )

DJ Marcelo Paguá / Revival Canal DJ


Seja Sócio Casa House

Vinheta - Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

Consultora Natura Lidiane Vilela


01 The Deff Boyz Feat Tony Mac - Swing (Deep Club Mix
02 Figures On A Beach-You Ain_t Seen Nothing Yet (12__ Club Mix)
03 Tom Tom - Replay
04 Bg The Prince Of Rap-This Beat Is Hot
05 Moskwa TV - Tell Me_ Tell Me (Into The House Mix)
06 Tears For Fears-Shout (Dub Mix)
07 Will To Power - Say It_s Gonna Rain
08 Tom Tom - See me touch me (Bronto Mix)
09 Blue Mercedes - See Want Must Have (Funk Ass Mix
10 Pet Shop Boys-Always On My Mind (In My House)
11 Pop Will Eat Itself - Def Con One (12 Single)
12 Exposé-Point Of No Return (Crossover Mix)
13 RAF-Energetic Mix
14 Rosso Barroco - Do Do Don_t Stop (12__ Version)
15 TKA-You Are The One (Eastside Extended Mix)
16 House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy of House-House Nation (The International Remix

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Seja Sócio Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

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