Dj Senna ( Reginaldo) CANAL DJ POWER FEST ( 22 08 2020 )

DJ Marcelo Paguá / Revival Canal DJ


Seja Sócio Casa House

Vinheta - Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

Consultora Natura Lidiane Vilela

Captain Jack - The Captain Revenge

2-Dream a Dream
3-Get Up!
4-The Race
5-Turn it Up
6-Set Me Free
7-2000 (Millennium)
8-I Feel
9-Where the Party At?
10-What Goes Around
11-Magic in You
12-Dream a Dream [Euro Short mix'99]
13-Robotman On Holiday
14-Cosmic Evolution
15-The Race [instrumental mix]
16-Dream a Dream [Dumonde Short mix]
17-In the Navy [mix '99]
18-Get Up! [radio Dance mix]
19-Dream a Dream [Spacefrog mix]

Ritmo Da Noite Jovem Pan Vol_7

1-Alexia - Hold On
2-Dario G - Suncyhme
3-Mon-a Q - Stay in Love
4-Chase - Stay Whith Me
5-C-Block - So Strung Out
6-Gabrielle Feat.Pato Banton - Aea-Oaê (Things From Brazil)
7-Look Twice - Funk You Up
8-Jhava - Don't Tell Me Lies
9-Teeki - Colours In My Eyes
10-Lumy - Touch Me Baby
11-All Saints - I Know Where It's At
12-Movin Melodies - Rollerblade
13-Hanson - Where's The Love
14-The Wonders - That Thing You do

Ritmo Da Noite Jovem Pan Vol 6

1-Lighthouse Family - Loving Every Minute
2-Double You - Somebody
3-Alexia - Uh La La La
4-Monaco - What Do You Want From Me
5-Sash - Ecuador
6-OMC - How Bizarre
7-Mary Kiani - 100%
8-Blackbox - Fall Into My Love
9-Any Second - Wanna Be With You
10-Dama - Singing
11-Sect - Face
12-Ce Ce Peniston - Finally '97
13-Fourteen - Everything We Touch
14-CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter

Ritmo Da Noite Jovem Pan Vol_5

1 - Alexia - Number One
2 - Datura - Voo-Doo Believe?
3 - Nell - Better Life
4 - Acid Factor - Fantasy
5 - Dama - Beautiful Ones
6 - Taleesa - I Wanna Give
7 - Flip Da Scrip - You To Me
8 - Black Box - Native New Yorker
9 - Debbie Clark - Be Your Baby
10 - Sect - Get Away
11 - Elena Becker - Woman
12- Koolmatch - I Like It, I Luv It
13 - Be Positive Feat. Patê - Stay (With Me Tonight)
14 - Karina - Mi Debilidad

Ritmo Da Noite Jovem Pan Vol_4

1-Nicki French - Stop In The Name Of Love
2-Mystic - Spirit Of Ibiza
3-Uforia - Estoy Enamorado
4-Happy Project - You Should Be Dancing 96
5-DJ Tururu - Countdown
6-Roman Photo - Partie Time
7-Lullaby - Como El Viento
8-New System - Let Me Take
9-Texture - Over The Night
10-Bliss Team - Love Is Forever
11-Premier - I Like Your Love
12-Discobeatles - Ticket To Ride
13-Dj Panda Feat. Aleexa - Dreaming Of Fantasy
14-Chumi DJ - If You Can't Give Me Love

Ritmo Da Noite Jovem Pan Vol_3

1-Alexia Feat. Double You - Me and You
2-S.L. Line - All Night Long
3-Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms
4-Sandy - Bad Boy
5-Venus - Amores Extraños
6-Kristies - Missing
7-Candice Star - Sing It To You
8-Me & My - Dub-I-Dub
9-Corona - I Don't Wanna Be A Star
10-Bananarama - Every Shade Of Blue
11-Claudja - Brand New Day
12-El Tiburón - El Tiburón
13-DJ Don Juan - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
14-Ray Guell - Givin'Up
15-Home Boyz - Centerfold
16-D.F.S. - Ou Ee Ou
17-Slam Dunk - My Girl
18-Bang Gang Feat. Conchita - Bang Gang Night

Ritmo Da Noite Jovem Pan Vol_1

1-Louchie Lou And Michie One - Rich Girl (Ragga Arabe)
2-Bliss Team Featuring Jeffery Jey - People Have The Power
3-Laura Allem - Rhythm Of Your Life
4-Jenny J. - What Is Love
5-MG. Featuring Leila - The Seed Of Happiness
6-Clear Condition - Keep Up
7-The Joker's - Cowboy
8-Not Real Presence - Chiki Chika
9-Canthina Band - Gold

Seja Sócio Casa House

Parceiro Casa House

Arena Djs - São Paulo - Brasil

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